KON-YO 「根様」


Artist Statement

I want to put my feet on the ground and become a great person. Everyone thinks.
I was not living a life foot in the ground, and I felt something like a yearning for the big tree and its roots, and I took photo it. But when I met this tree, my thinking changed a little.
This “Sakishimasuōnoki ( Heritiera littoralis ) ” spreads a unique plate-like root, “Buttress Root”. In Japan, I can see a lot on Iriomote Island. It is beautiful, has a unique form and shows the figurative beauty.
It is shallow and wide-rooted and supports its own large body. There are many ways of life. A way of life in which the roots are deeply rooted, a way of life in which the roots are spread widely and shallowly. Both can grow.
People’s lives are also different. “Even if the life we chose is a minority, we don’t need to conclude that ‘it’s normal to do’,” this tree taught me so.


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Archival Pigment Ink Print

Print Year: 2010
Paper: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta
Mat Size: 16 x 20 inch
Image size: 10 x 10 inch
Edition 5 (SOLD OUT)

Gelatin Silver Print

Print Year: 2003
Paper: Oriental New Seagal G
Archival Process: Selenium Torning
Mat Size: 16 x 20 inch
Image size: 10 x 10 inch
Edition 5 (SOLD OUT)