Kohji Suwa 諏訪 光二


I have been a lecturer at the University of Art and many workshops for many years, and has worked as a photographer in commercial photography, magazines, etc., and has written manuscripts about photography in photographic magazine. From 2003 to 2014, I have launched a project to disseminate the culture of photography as art to Japan, and have also done activities.
For a long time I took the attraction of natural architectural beauty such as roots of tree, and rocks. Now I will present a vision that exists in my head and express the existence of society and I hope make people’s minds connect a better future by my photographs.

Kohji Suwa is a Japanese photographer. Born in 1968, and based on Chiba-Prefecture and Tokyo.
Currently, he works as a director at SAMURAI FOTO while producing university and workshops and produces works.

現在は大学やワークショップを行いながらSAMURAI FOTOにディレクターとして参加し、作品を制作しています。

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