Deceived Memory / 記憶は嘘をつく

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Artist Statement

Memory is not an image of our own remembrances but is said to be modificated as we want. When we remember something, every image always turns out to be quite different. It can be said that memory lacks its accuracy.

I’m trying to express ‘the vague memory’ in my art works this time.
Memory is a thing that is simplified in layout and formed with a plain outline. The remaining outline is people’s emotions, such as joy, compassion, hatred and surprise. Judging by the vague memory sometimes brings self-centered admiration, and convicts others. Moreover, it could cause war. So, we shouldn’t be caught by the past itself. We should judge things looking ahead to the future.

I think photos can’t be memories, but are just records. In my art works this time, I tried to convert universal records into vague memories by using ‘water’ as the photographic object. All memories are vague. If what I say is true, the moment people remember something is just once in your lifetime. I think the depiction that is washed out by water and accidentally created, is the closest to the imagined scenery.

We have an ancient saying, ‘make everything water under the bridge’, which means we forget everything instantly. That is, we have a culture that we forget and forgive what has happened, and even if we still have some hatred, we try to control our feelings and create a new future with each other. Thinking about the future and talking a lot about it together is important. That is what I really want to tell through my photographs.




日本には古来より「水に流す」という言葉が使われ、過去の問題を不問とし、憎しみさえも押し留め 新たな未来を生みだそうとする文化がある。未来について語り合うことの重要性、それが私の作品のメッセージである。

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Paper: Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta
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Few prints wore exhibited on “The Photo Exhibition of SAMURAI FOTO 2017”, in 2017.

Few prints wore exhibited on “The Photo Exhibition of SAMURAI FOTO 2018”, in 2018