During CP+2017, (CAMERA &PHOTO IMAGING SHOW 2017), SAMURAI FOTO Exhibition is held in Minatomirai Station.
( http://www.samurai-foto.jp/events/eve170220e.php )

Since SAMURAI FOTO was established in 2012, our members have made a great effort to promote their artworks in art market in foreign countries. We have learned techniques of making a good artwork and gradually, our works gain global recognition. Through SAMURAI FOTO Exhibition, we’d like to share our experiences with many people. We hope more photographers in Japan will be active in the world. During the session, we will give some seminars at the exhibition site and CP+ manufacturer booth.

Of course Kohji Suwa belongs to SAMURAI FOTO as director, and will exhibit new project works. And also Kohji Suwa will hold some study session.

SAMURAI FOTO’ is a non-profit organization. We constantly strive to improve photo printing skills, build our own philosophies to write the artist statements and work hard on making photography projects. To improve each photographic ability and seize an opportunity to succeed in the world, we aggressively joined global portfolio review held in Arles (south France) and Huston (the U.S). There, we could steadily achieve results as some photographs were sold, and appeared in a photo magazine in a foreign country, were invited to an international photo festival, and got a chance to hold a photo exhibition overseas.

We have a photography study session once a month. Using the experiences in overseas, we invited a director of Museum of Photographic Arts and had a portfolio review and seminar.

We are surprised that many photographic experts in overseas art markets know a lot about Japanese tradition, culture, habits and history. They think our culture attractive. Now, we have to value our culture. We have a special culture that many people in foreign countries feel envy. From this point of view, we want to reconsider how lucky we are to live in Japan and make the most of it for making the photographic art works. Furthermore, we hope that we will continue to enjoy many activities in overseas.

‘Emerging Vision of Japan’, is the theme of our exhibition this time. We hope you enjoy them.


Photo Exhibition: Emerging Visions of Japan ~To show photographs of Japanese culture to the world~

Period: February 20th (Mon) to 26th(Sun) 2017

Time: 10:30am to 6:30pm

(20th: 1:00pm to 6:30pm, 26th: 10:30am to 4:00pm)

Place: Subway Gallery M (Minatomirai Station, Yokohama)

(1 minute walk from the ticket gate)

Tel: +81-45-664-1795

Admission: free


Exhibition works: 16 members of SAMURAI FOTO:
(Noriko Aoyama, Zenji Uehara, Yoshio Eda, Sunao Goto, Koji Sasaki, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Motoko Sato, Michiko Chiyoda, Toyomi Nakamura, Miwa Nomura, Hiroaki Hasumi, Koji Harada, Alfo Maeta, Yoshitaka Masuda, Koji Murata, Megumi Watanabe)

Directors of SAMURAI FOTO:
(Everett Kennedy Brown, Koji Suwa, Shigeru Yoshida)


Schedules at Exhibition site and CP+ manufacturer booth


CP+ EPSON booth: 3:30pm-4:10pm, Photographer Shigeru Yoshida, member of SAMURAI FOTO


Gallery M: 12:50pm-1:30pm seminar by a member of SAMURAI FOTO

: 1:50pm-2:30pm Artwork expression with five senses by photographer Everett Kennedy Brown

: 3:00pm-3:40pm Photographer Shigeru Yoshida, member of SAMURAI FOTO


Gallery M:11:00am-11:40am PRO-1000, CANON ability of coated paper by Photographer Shigeru Yoshida, supported by Canon Marketing

: 12:50pm-13:30pm Photograph processing with tablet by Photographer Koji Suwa, supported by Wacom

:2:00pm-2:40pm How to improve photo printing by Photographer Shigeru Yoshida, supported by Canon Marketing

:3:10pm-3:40pm seminar by a member of SAMURAI FOTO

CP+EIZO booth: 4:00pm-4:30pm A challenge to the art photography by Photographer Shigeru Yoshida, Michiko Chiyoda, Miwa Nomura


Gallery M:11:00am-11:40am A workflow for art photography by Photographer Koji Suwa, member of SAMURAI FOTO, supported by Canon Marketing

:12:50pm-1:30pm Key point of how to write a good artist statement by Setsuko Kanie

:2:00pm-2:40pm Photoshop, a magical technique for making a good artwork by Photographer Koji Suwa, Shigeru Yoshida, supported by Adobe Systems

:3:10pm-3:40pm seminar by a member of SAMURAI FOTO